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Friday, 08 January 2010 09:53
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Insurance Details - How to Make A Claim
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Guidelines for the GAA Injury Scheme 2012



�       Please use 2012 claim form only. This is downloadable from please destroy any old stock of claim forms / Preliminary notification forms.

�       The GAA Injury Scheme leaflet should be referred to at all times for details of the benefits and scope of cover.

�       In all cases, the Claimant must sign Section A continued where specified. It is not acceptable for the Club Secretary / Insurance Officer to sign this on behalf of the claimant.

�       Claimant's Membership Number must be supplied within Section F.

�       Cost for Completion of Medical Section must be borne by the Claimant.

�       Section E to be completed by Doctor / Dentist ONLY. If no stamp available, please ensure that the Doctor / Dentist attaches a business card or a letter on headed paper stating that no stamp, business card is available

�       If a Claimant returns to sport and suffers a re-occurrence, this is considered to be a new and separate injury/claim.

�       In relation to hurling injuries helmets must conform to the NSAI standard IS: 355 and must be specified in Section A. (Mycro, Marc and Azzurri).

�       All claims must be reported to Willis within 60 days of the Injury occurring. Notification can be faxed, emailed or posted.

�       A Medical Claim � Please complete Section A, E and F.

�       A Loss of Wages (Employed) � Section A, C, D, E and F.

�       A Loss of Wages (Self Employed) � Section A, B, D, E and F.

�       A Referee's Report is required and must be supplied if an Injury occurred during an Official Match.

�       A Club Letter is required and must be supplied if an Injury occurred during an Official Training Session / Challenge Match or performing Designated Duties under request.

�       In all cases the EXACT date of injury must be specified in Section A e.g: dd/mm/yy.

Medical/ Dental


�       Third Party Medical Insurance Details must be provided on all claim's e.g. VHI First Plan Plus

�       If a claimant has Third Party Medical Insurance, a statement of account from the Provider must be submitted.

�       An inpatient (Surgery) / outpatient (MRI scans, Consultation's) claim must be made with the claimant's Third Party Medical Insurance Provider. It is not acceptable to state no claim made.

�       Official receipts only. Unpaid Invoices, estimates, quotations or handwritten paid invoices are not acceptable.

�       Damage to or loss of Personal Effects, Accommodation, Travel Expenses and Sustenance are not covered.

Loss of Wages


�       Loss of Wages claims are only applicable to those who are in full time employment at the date of injury.

�       The claimant must be unable to work for a minimum of 14 consecutive days.

�       If the claimant is receiving full sick pay from his employer, we will not consider a loss of wages claim as the scheme only cover's non recoverable losses

�       Items such as overtime, bonuses, unsociable working hours, allowances etc are not covered.

�       A claim for Social Welfare Benefit / Statutory Sick Pay / Social Security Agency Payment must be made in all cases for employees and self employed claimants, it is not acceptable to state no claim made.

�       Sick Certificates/Medical Certificates are not acceptable for confirmation of the period of disability.


�       3 official payslips prior to the date of injury is required.

�       A letter from the employer's accountant if no company stamp available in Section C, or if there appears to be a family connection (Employee/Employer)

Self Employed


�       Accountant's letter confirming the average nett weekly earnings for the 3 months prior to the injury should be submitted with the Injury Scheme claim form.

�       Solicitor / Tax Advisor letter if claimant has no accountant.

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