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Friday, 08 January 2010 09:53
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Father Griffins Éire Óg play in Galway's West Board League and Championship in the Junior A & B grades for Senior Football. Our Underage teams start at U21, Minor, U17, U16, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10 & U8. The following Sub Pages will contain details of the Management of the teams and the Training and Contact Details too.

Fixtures Are Recorded on the Individual Team Pages Please Check your Team Page

Please Note NEW Insurance Claim Procedure (above) - You Must Ensure you are Properly Registered & Paid up Your Membership


Training Details are to be Announced Shortly


If You're not getting Text Alerts Please let Thomas Cox know


Guidelines for the GAA Injury Scheme 2012



�       Please use 2012 claim form only. This is downloadable from please destroy any old stock of claim forms / Preliminary notification forms.

�       The GAA Injury Scheme leaflet should be referred to at all times for details of the benefits and scope of cover.

�       In all cases, the Claimant must sign Section A continued where specified. It is not acceptable for the Club Secretary / Insurance Officer to sign this on behalf of the claimant.

�       Claimant's Membership Number must be supplied within Section F.

�       Cost for Completion of Medical Section must be borne by the Claimant.

�       Section E to be completed by Doctor / Dentist ONLY. If no stamp available, please ensure that the Doctor / Dentist attaches a business card or a letter on headed paper stating that no stamp, business card is available

�       If a Claimant returns to sport and suffers a re-occurrence, this is considered to be a new and separate injury/claim.

�       In relation to hurling injuries helmets must conform to the NSAI standard IS: 355 and must be specified in Section A. (Mycro, Marc and Azzurri).

�       All claims must be reported to Willis within 60 days of the Injury occurring. Notification can be faxed, emailed or posted.

�       A Medical Claim � Please complete Section A, E and F.

�       A Loss of Wages (Employed) � Section A, C, D, E and F.

�       A Loss of Wages (Self Employed) � Section A, B, D, E and F.

�       A Referee's Report is required and must be supplied if an Injury occurred during an Official Match.

�       A Club Letter is required and must be supplied if an Injury occurred during an Official Training Session / Challenge Match or performing Designated Duties under request.

�       In all cases the EXACT date of injury must be specified in Section A e.g: dd/mm/yy.

Medical/ Dental


�       Third Party Medical Insurance Details must be provided on all claim's e.g. VHI First Plan Plus

�       If a claimant has Third Party Medical Insurance, a statement of account from the Provider must be submitted.

�       An inpatient (Surgery) / outpatient (MRI scans, Consultation's) claim must be made with the claimant's Third Party Medical Insurance Provider. It is not acceptable to state no claim made.

�       Official receipts only. Unpaid Invoices, estimates, quotations or handwritten paid invoices are not acceptable.

�       Damage to or loss of Personal Effects, Accommodation, Travel Expenses and Sustenance are not covered.

Loss of Wages


�       Loss of Wages claims are only applicable to those who are in full time employment at the date of injury.

�       The claimant must be unable to work for a minimum of 14 consecutive days.

�       If the claimant is receiving full sick pay from his employer, we will not consider a loss of wages claim as the scheme only cover's non recoverable losses

�       Items such as overtime, bonuses, unsociable working hours, allowances etc are not covered.

�       A claim for Social Welfare Benefit / Statutory Sick Pay / Social Security Agency Payment must be made in all cases for employees and self employed claimants, it is not acceptable to state no claim made.

�       Sick Certificates/Medical Certificates are not acceptable for confirmation of the period of disability.


�       3 official payslips prior to the date of injury is required.

�       A letter from the employer's accountant if no company stamp available in Section C, or if there appears to be a family connection (Employee/Employer)

Self Employed


�       Accountant's letter confirming the average nett weekly earnings for the 3 months prior to the injury should be submitted with the Injury Scheme claim form.

�       Solicitor / Tax Advisor letter if claimant has no accountant.

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